Vincotech, a leading supplier of module-based solutions for power electronics, has extended its new line of low-inductive power modules with the 3xflowNPC 4w. This latest addition comes in the new wide-body housing and with a higher power rating. It is well suited for applications such as three-phase solar inverters ranging up to 200 kW. Its advanced, paralleled NPC design delivers ultra efficient performance at higher switching frequencies. The 3xflowNPC 4w also provides asymmetrical inductance with optional regeneration.

All three phases of the Neutral Point Clamped inverter topology are integrated into this new low-inductive package with a high-power screw interface. The multilevel NPC topology cuts output filter effort and filter losses by more than 50 percent, and switching losses by 50 percent.

Rated for 1200 V/600 A, the advanced NPC 3xflowNPC 4w module’s inductance is asymmetrical. It achieves low turn-off inductance with integrated DC snubber capacitors and uses parasitic inductance to reduce turn-on losses, so there is no need for low-inductive busbars. This design and its onboard DC capacitors extend PWM frequencies beyond 20 kHz, which is unique in this power range.