Sam Davis

Editor-In-Chief, Power Electronics Technology

Sam Davis is editor-in-chief of Power Electronics Technology magazine and website. He has 18 years experience in electronic engineering design and management, six years in public relations and 25 years as a trade press editor. He holds a BSEE from Case-Western Reserve University, and did graduate work at the same school and UCLA. Sam was the editor for PCIM, the predecessor to Power Electronics Technology, from 1984 to 2004. His engineering experience includes circuit and system design for Litton Systems, Bunker-Ramo, Rocketdyne, and Clevite Corporation.. Design tasks included analog circuits, display systems, power supplies, underwater ordnance systems, and test systems. He also served as a program manager for a Litton Systems Navy program.

Sam is the author of Computer Data Displays, a book published by Prentice-Hall in the U.S. and Japan in 1969. He is also a recipient of the Jesse Neal Award for trade press editorial excellence, and has one patent for naval ship construction that simplifies electronic system integration.

Posts by Sam Davis

in The Power Plant Jul 06, 2015

World’s First Personal Robot Reads Emotions

SoftBank Robotics Corp. and SoftBank Mobile Corp. announced that “Pepper,” the world’s first personal robot that reportedly can read emotions, went....More
in The Power Plant Jun 29, 2015

Power Electronics Industry Loses One of Its Own: David Freeman

The power electronics industry has lost one of its old-time semiconductor experts, David Freeman. He was a Texas Instruments Fellow and CTO for TI’s....More
in The Power Plant Jun 11, 2015

Korean Team Walks Away with $2M by Winning DARPA Robotics Challenge

The Korean-built DRC-Hubo robot won first place at the DARPA Robotics Challenge Finals, a competition that was intended to accelerate the evolution....More
in The Power Plant Jun 10, 2015

Stanford Engineers Offer Plan to Convert U.S. to 100% Clean, Renewable Energy by 2050

Researchers calculate each state’s power demands and how to meet them solely through available renewable sources....More
in The Power Plant May 27, 2015

A Wind Turbine Without Blades

Vortex Bladeless uses a radically new approach to capturing wind energy. The device captures the energy of vorticity, an aerodynamic effect that has....More
in The Power Plant May 15, 2015

Google Reveals Lessons Learned (and Accident Count) from Self-Driving Car Program

Chris Urmson, director of the Google Self-Driving Car program, has revealed that the small fleet (20+) of Google autonomous cars has been involved in....More
in The Power Plant May 08, 2015

Semiconductor Companies Are Divided on Getting New Hires

In this case, it’s another “chicken and the egg” situation—you need experience to get a job, but you can’t get a job to get experience....More
in The Power Plant Apr 29, 2015

Autonomous Aerial Refueling Highlights Command-Control of Unmanned Aircraft

Unmanned aircraft received fuel from a tanker plane, marking the first time an unmanned aircraft refueled in flight....More
in The Power Plant Apr 24, 2015

Do Engineers Get Credit for Their Achievements – Ask Nick Holonyak Jr.

There is an old maxim that you should give credit where credit is due. Recent IEEE publications point out that isn’t always the case with the Royal....More
in The Power Plant Apr 22, 2015

Book Covers Everything You Wanted to Know About Electronics

Basic Electronics Theory and Practice, a new book by Sean Westcott and Jean R. Westcott covers the basics of electronics....More

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