Sam Davis

Editor-In-Chief, Power Electronics Technology

Sam Davis is editor-in-chief of Power Electronics Technology magazine and website. He has 18 years experience in electronic engineering design and management, six years in public relations and 25 years as a trade press editor. He holds a BSEE from Case-Western Reserve University, and did graduate work at the same school and UCLA. Sam was the editor for PCIM, the predecessor to Power Electronics Technology, from 1984 to 2004. His engineering experience includes circuit and system design for Litton Systems, Bunker-Ramo, Rocketdyne, and Clevite Corporation.. Design tasks included analog circuits, display systems, power supplies, underwater ordnance systems, and test systems. He also served as a program manager for a Litton Systems Navy program.

Sam is the author of Computer Data Displays, a book published by Prentice-Hall in the U.S. and Japan in 1969. He is also a recipient of the Jesse Neal Award for trade press editorial excellence, and has one patent for naval ship construction that simplifies electronic system integration.

Posts by Sam Davis

in The Power Plant Mar 22, 2017

Would You Bet That Autonomous Cars Will Succeed?

The hard question is how does Intel or anyone else integrate all these technologies into a system that works reliably....More
in The Power Plant Oct 05, 2016

Shakeup in the Analog IC Rankings

Mergers and acquisitions have had a significant impact on the analog IC industry within the last few years, causing a rearrangement of company....More
in The Power Plant Jul 13, 2016

Power-Management Lab Kits for Young and Old Engineers

Texas Instruments is bridging the gap between power theory and real-world applications with the TI Power Management Lab Kit series....More
in The Power Plant Jun 08, 2016

Nyquist: The Noted Engineer (Not the Horse)

What do horse racing and engineering have in common? The answer is Nyquist. Nyquist, the horse, and Nyquist, the Swedish born American engineer....More
in The Power Plant May 10, 2016

FAQs: Age Discrimination for Engineers

While not as transparent as racial or gender discrimination, age discrimination in engineering and other industries is a very real issue....More
in The Power Plant Feb 04, 2016

APEC 2016 Preview

For years, APEC has been the main U.S. conference for the power electronics community—designers and component suppliers. This year it is on the West....More
in The Power Plant Nov 30, 2015

Fairchild Semiconductor Moves ON

Fairchild Semiconductor, incubator for many Silicon Valley semiconductor executives, is in the process of being acquired by ON Semiconductor....More
in The Power Plant Nov 09, 2015

Self-Flying Drone Dips, Darts, and Dives through Trees at 30 MPH

Researchers from MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL) have developed an obstacle-detection system that allows a drone to....More
in The Power Plant Sep 14, 2015

Back to the Future: Next-Generation Vacuum Electronics

We unequivocally live in the Silicon Age, but vacuum electronics, whose origins date to the 19th century, still touch our lives every day....More
in The Power Plant Aug 19, 2015

Is There a U.S. Engineering Shortage? It Depends Who You Ask

There is a difference of opinion on whether there is an engineering shortage. Some companies say there is a shortage and need to use H-1B visas to....More

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