Sam Davis

Editor-In-Chief, Power Electronics Technology

Sam Davis is editor-in-chief of Power Electronics Technology magazine and website. He has 18 years experience in electronic engineering design and management, six years in public relations and 25 years as a trade press editor. He holds a BSEE from Case-Western Reserve University, and did graduate work at the same school and UCLA. Sam was the editor for PCIM, the predecessor to Power Electronics Technology, from 1984 to 2004. His engineering experience includes circuit and system design for Litton Systems, Bunker-Ramo, Rocketdyne, and Clevite Corporation.. Design tasks included analog circuits, display systems, power supplies, underwater ordnance systems, and test systems. He also served as a program manager for a Litton Systems Navy program.

Sam is the author of Computer Data Displays, a book published by Prentice-Hall in the U.S. and Japan in 1969. He is also a recipient of the Jesse Neal Award for trade press editorial excellence, and has one patent for naval ship construction that simplifies electronic system integration.

Posts by Sam Davis

in The Power Plant Jul 28, 2014

First Direct-Diode Laser Bright Enough to Cut and Weld Metal

Diode lasers — used in laser pointers, barcode scanners, DVD players, and other low-power applications — are perhaps the most efficient,....More
in The Power Plant Jul 22, 2014

University of Cambridge Team Breaks Superconductor World Record

A world record that has stood for more than a decade has been broken by a team led by University of Cambridge engineers, harnessing the equivalent of....More
in The Power Plant Jul 14, 2014

Using Sand To Improve Battery Performance

Researchers develop low cost, environmentally friendly way to produce sand-based lithium ion batteries that outperform standard by three times....More
in The Power Plant Jul 08, 2014

Power Integrity: Measuring, Optimizing, and Troubleshooting Power Related Parameters in Electronics Systems

Frequent Power Electronics contributor Steve Sandler has written a comprehensive book that covers major aspects of power supply design....More
in The Power Plant Jul 01, 2014

Engineers Inventing Ourselves Out of Work?

In September 30, 2013 our blog asked “Does Technology Aid the Workforce?” This is similar question that affects engineers....More
in The Power Plant Jun 25, 2014

Battery Charging of Delivery Drones Copies Pigeons

CSAIL researchers developed a lightweight unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that can perch on a power line like a bird....More
in The Power Plant Jun 20, 2014

Hybrid Solar-Wind Energy Technology Produces 435 to 1250 Megawatt-Hours/Hour

The Solar Wind Downdraft Tower is the first hybrid solar-wind renewable energy technology in the market....More
in The Power Plant Jun 12, 2014

Paralyzed Person In Robotic Exoskeleton Helps Kick Off World Cup

During the opening of the FIFA 2014 World Cup in Brazil, a paralyzed person wearing a brain-controlled robotic exoskeleton made the first kick of the....More
in The Power Plant Jun 09, 2014

HorseFly 'Octocopter' Primed to Fly the Future to Your Front Door

The University of Cincinnati and AMP Electric Vehicles, makers of the WorkHorse all-electric delivery truck, collaborated on the HorseFly "octocopter....More
in The Power Plant Jun 02, 2014

Thermogalvanic Process Converts Low Temp Waste Heat Into Electricity

Researchers at MIT and Stanford University have found a new method to convert low-temperature waste-heat conversion into electricity, based on the....More

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